7 Reasons Why Travel is Important to You And Need of Travel

A special distinction I want to make before I start is between traveller & being a tourist. In tourism, you experience things but without getting out of your comfort zone. While travelling is more similar with exploring, it’s up to you, all depends on reasons for your trip.


Read to Know Why Travel is Important Right Now

Life is Short

The sad truth of death is it comes to us any day and anytime. When it does, make sure you don’t have any regrets. Life keeps throwing you new pressure, your school, college, job, marriage, kids also other life problems. The older you get you’ll realise your time became less and you have not done that thing you wanted to do Travelling.
Having enough time is more important than having enough money. Older you get, the more money you have & less time you have, that’s why travel is important in your life.

Travel is more advanced form of education

Travel is More Advanced Form of Education

Do you want to get smarter quicker?
Go explore. Travelling is experience and no doubt experience is the best teacher above all. So many skills & new forms of interconnected knowledge merge together in a travel experience. Actually travelling develops skills you don’t know you have. Travel gives you detail of insight which you can’t match otherwise. Being a traveller makes you a broad minded person. Travel can help you to find yourself. Sometimes we don’t know who we are but travel gives you that space to just be you in a way that you could never do back home. Explore the world also talked to people & actively learn from them. Travelling increases your problem solving skill and makes you independent.

Build Your Resume

Yes, you read it right! Besides this lifetime experience travelling can build your great resume. Tell your interviewer about your most adventurous story that shows your resourcefulness and calm under pressure. When you end your travelling you end up learning many languages, also you’ll be confident about it. It increases your communication skill.

travel - you create memories

You Create Memories

Memories are one type of wealth which grows in value as time goes by. At the end of our life we all find ourselves just left  with our life memories. So I think we have to invest in them. People who travel have many unique stories to tell because they lived, they’ve seen many places and done many adventurous things. And memories are the underlying bond of any relationship.

The Food

Life is too short to eat the same type of foods over and over again. It became a sin to not explore the food all over the world. Imagine there is a book with thousands of pages and you are reading the first page every day, week and year. Even hearing that you think how stupid it is! But that’s how most people live. By eating other foods you literally bring a new environment inside your body. Some of our best experiences happen around food because people can be themselves when they are eating.
So you will get to eat a new dish on every visit, that’s why travel is important.

food in travel

Travel is a Better Investment

Later on you’ll realize Travelling is not just getting your beautiful selfies, which you post on your instagram to increase your followers, it’s more than that. If you want to invest your money choose to invest on traveling it’s better than investing on more material things.

The Value of Travel

When you end your travelling, you’ll be very thankful towards your life. It’s something to be celebrated. Travel can change your basic truth & your whole Outlook.
Adventure makes you stronger, smarter and attractive.

“Don’t die without embracing the daring adventure your life was meant to be ”

Steve Pavlina

Take your one foot in your community and home, the other foot to around the world acknowledging the variety in God’s great creation. Take your one hand up to receive the love of our creator and leave your one hand down to shower god’s love on his creation.

Still thinking about why travel is important? Think why it’s not? Because It’s worth it and you are not here just to survive, but to live your life.

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