Cortana utilizes Microsoft’s search engine optimization. If Bing is not your cup of tea, then fix that immediately. Microsoft created Cortana is possibly the most useful characteristic of Windows 10. But also had one concealed goal with Cortana. Utilizing Cortana is a beautiful way to boost Microsoft’s search engine by default, then you can not alter the default search engine at Cortana.

The fantastic thing is that using a few straightforward tricks, that’s potential. And we will let you know precisely how you’re able to accomplish that.

When altering your default browser at Microsoft Edge is empowered by Microsoft, and it is a fantastic move since if it had been, it might drive off a lot of users. Microsoft did not include this attribute at Cortana.



QUICK TIP: In case you are concerned about maintaining your surfing history personal and need to stop browsers from profiling you, then utilize a privacy-focused VPN.

The VPN farther extended its compatibility.

As it utilizes technology that is dispersed, it encourages programmers to construct sites with servers, enabling users to publish into the open internet independently.

1. Download and install the appropriate extensions

Some programmers created the alternative. Significantly, they designed and published a few extensions for both Google Chrome that divert Cortana’s search results from Bing into Google.

Therefore, if you are using Google Chrome as the default browser, then simply download and install one of these extensions.

Every single time you look for a thing with Cortana, effects from Google will look on your browser.

Once set up, these extensions will automatically divert exactly the identical expression you typed in Cortana’s hunt from Bing into Google.

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2. Use Firefox as your default browser


If you are employing Firefox as the default browser, then redirecting your search outcome from Bing into Google is much simpler.

You do not need to do anything whatsoever.

Therefore, you simply need to use Firefox as the default browser, and then upgrade to the most recent version, in case you did not yet.

This was fully anticipated since Mozilla CEO Chris Beard is lately known as Microsoft for’pushing Edge into Windows 10 users on the competing browsers.

There’s not any answer on this by Microsoft, nevertheless. Still, when things like this continue to occur, we can witness the start of the war involving two big businesses, Mozilla and Microsoft.

In the event you utilize Edge as the default browser, then you can’t divert your Cortana lookup results from Bing into Google, even in the event you place Edge as the default browser.

And also, you should not anticipate this choice later on since it will not make any sense for Microsoft to permit you to allow Cortana to look Google on Edge.

You can also utilize a privacy-focused research engine like DuckDuckGo. As stated previously can induce Cortana’therefore to use DuckDuckGo because its default search engine, too, so the decision is yours.

You can use DuckDuckGo using Cortana or individually. To further protect your browsing info, try to find a privacy-friendly browser also, for example, Tor.

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Inform us if you were able to alter Cortana’s default search engine from the comments field below.

Cortana utilizes Microsoft’s very own Bing research engine optimization. In the event you want to use other search programs, you can produce the shift.

To eliminate Bing out of Google Chrome, then you want to alter Chrome’s preferences and then reset it. For detailed steps, have a peek at the quick guide.

  • Could Cortana utilize Google?

Yes, it could. You simply should use one of these Google Chrome extensions that redirect Cortana’s lookup results from Bing into Google.


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