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Movies are an essential part of our life. The hectic lifestyle of the present world only gets a break during weekends. As soon as you come back from your office, you crave for some good videos and your favourite snack. The digital world understands your needs, and it serves you with the best options for all your needs. Whenever you want to see a video, you need a video browser to make it run. Though the internet is flooded with numbers of video browsers, MX Player is something most of the people prefer nowadays. MX Player for PC is the most recommended and adopted video browser in Android a lot of people use MX Player to browse their favourite movies songs and videos. 


Why is MX Player for PC First Choice?

MX player is very much recommended for playing videos on androids. MX Player is now available for your PC also. You can download and install MX payer on your PC to enjoy all your favorite videos.

MX player can be used to playback a lot of videos on your PC. you can create your theatre at your home using your Pc and speakers. MX player helps you to create that home theatre by playing all your videos. You can download and experience all its amazing features on your PC now. 

Download MX Player for Mobile

For your Android, you can download it easily using Playstore, but when it comes to PC, then the process needs a guide. Since there is no official app for MX Player for PC, you can download it from BLuestacks and follow a guide to download it from there.

How to Download MX player?

Download MX Player Using BlueStacks

  • First of all, you have to download the BlueStacks app, which you can do by clicking here.
  • When the BlueStacks app is downloaded, install it in your system.
  • Now open the BlueStacks app and search the MX player in it.
  • After that, install the MX player, and then you can use it.

Download MX Player for Windows 10 From Official Store

  • All you have to do is open the Windows Store and then search MX Player in it. Or Click Here to Go to Windows Store
  • Then after that, install it, now you can use it.

What Makes it Unique and Different?

Playback Features

MX Player can play almost any video file you throw at it.

Whatever video file you have, MX play can play almost all of them. MX player supports all the popular video formats. The most common video formats that are supported by MX player are –

  • AVI, FLV, MKV, and MOV.

These amazing playback features of MX player give it an upper hand when compared to other video playing apps. You can also play full HD videos using MX player and enjoy high-quality movies on your PC. To enjoy this feature, you need a high processor attached to your mobile.

Get Subtitle Support

The extensive features of MX player include its provided subtitle support, which helps in understanding a movie whose language is not understood to you. Apart from this, you might be the one who loves watching movies with subtitles.

Whatever the type you are, the MX player helps you with its subtitle support feature. MX player can manually browse for a subtitle file in your memory card and link it to the video file. 

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Boost Audio up to 200%

Sometimes, you download or get a video not having very audible audio, but the content of the video is so appealing that you desperately want to watch it. MX player helps you here; you can boost the sound up to a maximum extent, which will make the sound of video audible. 

With software decoder enabled, a user can boost the video volume to 200%. But for the safety of the speakers, try to download a video of good audio as an audio boost can harm your speakers.

Playback over Network

The playback feature of the MX Player is not only limited to local files available in your file manager. It gives a playback over the network that allows you to watch the recommended videos over the internet.

If your pc has an active internet connection, once your video ends, you get to view a lot of recommendations on your PC. You can select from thousands of videos available online and enjoy it using MX player.

Frequently asked questions:

Can I download MX player for my PC?

Yes, you can download it for your PC. But you will not get any direct link to download it. You will need an emulator like blue stacks to download it for your PC. You can also download MX player apk to enjoy its premium features.

Which kind of video can I play using MX player?

You can play almost all the popular kinds of video using mX player. It supports nearly ten types of video formats ranging from MP4 to MOV.

Is it harmful to my PC?

No, MX player for PC works the same as MX player for Android. It is entirely safe and secure for your device. You can download it and install on your PC to enjoy the best video play on your PC.

MX player PC is a highly recommended video play service. Earlier, you have used MX player on your Android, but now you can also enjoy the same experience on your PC.

There are a lot of cool features of MX player that can now be enjoyed on the PC. Download and install it on your PC and discover all the extensive features.

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