Best Pokemon PC emulators to Play Games on PC

Pokemon is one of the most popular cartoons that many of us grew up watching on Television in our childhood. The franchise isn’t just limited to cartoons or TV shows. It also has games where you get to play with your favorite Pokemon and participate in a battle against other Pokemon players on pokemon emulator. The creators of the franchise have come up with Pokemon Go, which is an augmented reality game. It is launched for mobile devices in the Google Play Store and App Store. Days after its initial launch, the game turned out to be an instant hit among its fans all around the world.

In Pokemon Go, you have to physically step outside of the home, holding your smartphone to catch Pokemon in the real world. The game is unique and keeps you fit since the players are required to physically walk on streets in search of catching Pokemon in the game. Well, the objective of this article is to show you how to install the Pokemon Go on PC and play effortlessly.


Pokemon Emulator for PC Windows

Pokemon Emulator for PC

In the game, you will have a map of your location (same as Google Maps) on which certain Pokemon spawn randomly. As a player, you will have to navigate your way to the Pokemon and try to catch it by throwing the PokeBall at it. The rarity of Pokemon spawns completely random. Therefore, you will have to keep roaming outside and catch nearby spawned Pokemon in the game.

Well, the concept of the game itself is unique and new, but some of you may not want to step outside of your home just to catch a Pokemon, which is understandable. Some players have got themselves into trouble by walking into their neighbors and other unsafe locations. Hence, it’s better to play the Pokemon Games for PC, where you play the game at maximum graphics.

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Some of the other benefits of playing the Pokemon emulator for PC are mentioned in the following list.

  • Catch and collect plenty of Pokemon in the game on your PC without having to step outside of your home.
  • Gain full control in the game with the help of a keyboard and mouse, and you can also remap the controls in the game.
  • Play the Pokemon Go on a bigger screen and enjoy beautiful Pokemon animations in the game at maximum graphics.
  • Challenge other players who are playing on mobile for a battle without worrying about getting your account banned.

Pokemon Go isn’t the only popular game in the Pokemon franchise. There are quite a few more available that you can play on your smartphone. But, if you wish to play those games on your PC, then you will need an android emulator suitable for android gaming.

Best Pokemon Emulator PC To Play Pokemon Games On PC

Just in case if you aren’t aware of android emulators like pokemon emulator download. They are nothing but a piece of software that will allow you to install android apps and games on your PC. By having an emulator installed on your PC, you can play any android game using your keyboard and mouse. We’ve handpicked a few android emulators and showcased them in the following list.

Nox Player

Nox Player is a game-oriented android emulator that comes with a lot of features to customize and improve your gaming experience. The developers of the emulator are very active, and it receives regular updates and patches from making the overall experience smoother and smoother. In addition to this, the multi-instance feature of the Nox Player allows you to launch or run multiple games and apps simultaneously on a single machine.Nox emulator

  • You can play all android games using the keyboard and mouse with the option to customize controls manually.
  • Nox Player is compatible with almost all the Intel and AMD processors. It’s quite lightweight and easy to set up.
  • Option to manually allocate a certain amount of resources for the emulator to use, allowing you to run other apps.

You can install the Pokemon Go directly from the in-built Google Play Store. Simply sign in with your Google account, and you’re all set!


Bluestacks is a highly performing android emulator that has been developed by keeping android games in mind. It’s the most preferred android emulator among developers and gamers all around the world. The emulator is fairly easy to install and requires no additional software or support to run on your PC. Bluestacks allows you to play high-end games such as Pokemon Go, Pubg, Call Of Duty on your PC without any lags or issues.

  • Installing Apps and Games on Bluestacks emulator takes only a few seconds. It’s quite simple and straightforward.
  • Enjoy maximum frames in your games by tweaking the emulator setting along with game settings.
  • Options like changing display resolution, gaming engine, etc. are available to enhance your gaming experience.

The emulator comes with a couple of games pre-installed, such as Pubg, Lords Mobile, etc. Additional games like Pokemon Go can be installed directly using the Apk file or from the Google Play Store if you want on pokemon emulators.

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KO Player

KO Player is designed to deliver an interruption and lag-free gaming experience to users on PC. The Emulator is capable of handling almost any smartphone game that you throw at it with ease. KO Player. By default, it comes with a vast array of gaming features and settings that you can tweak to bring out more frames without having to tune down the display resolution. The Emulator itself is quite robust. However, you might face occasional crashes in games since it’s still being developed.

  • Simple and easy to understand user interface makes it easier for users to get familiar with the emulator.
  • The Emulator comes with dedicated support for a wide range of games, including Pokemon Go.
  • KO Player is explicitly available for free. You can play games on it or use it for the development of apps.

Features like Gamepad function and keyboard mapping will give you an edge in games like Pokemon Go. The game can be manually installed if you have the Apk file or sign in with your Google account to download it from Google Play Store.

Memu Play

Memu Play is another well-known android emulator. That is being used by a lot of app developers all around the world. The emulator enables users to play and run multiple instances of a single app or game simultaneously without any freezes or crashes. Memu Play android emulator is comparatively new in the market, but it manages to compete with other big names such as Bluestacks, Nox Player. The emulator works flawlessly on AMD and Nvidia based chips.

  • Allows you to quickly set up a virtual location on Game Maps to fool location-based games like Pokemon Go.
  • It works quite well with games and utility apps. The emulator is good at multitasking as well.
  • Easy to set up and offers many features related to games such as Key Mapping, resource allocation, etc.

Memu Play offers multiple ways for users to install games, you can download the Pokemon emulator game from Google Play Store or download the Apk file of the game and manually install it on your own.

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LD Player

LD Player turns Windows PC into an android device so that users could install android games or apps on it. Just like other emulators mentioned in this list. LD Player is also quite capable when it comes to the handling of smartphone games. If you have a PC with low or medium configurations, then LD Player is the emulator you should be looking at. Unlike other emulators, it doesn’t require many resources to function on your PC.

  • Ability to manually install android games and apps within seconds, simply drag and drop it in the emulator.
  • The Emulator comes with in-built support for Play services. You can even install the Google Play app on it.
  • The UI is simple, and the performance is quite smooth compared to other emulators on Low-end PCs.

Like other emulators, LD Player also allows you to download games from the Google Play Store or simply install it manually using the Apk file if you have it.

Q:- Is it safe to log in and play Pokemon Go on emulators?

A:- Absolutely, you can play any android games on your PC using an emulator without getting blocked.

Q:- How can I install Pokemon Go updates on the emulator?

A:- You can update the version of your game directly from the Google Play Store or manually install the latest version using Apk file/

Q:- How to use Keyboard and Mouse in the game?

A:- The controls of the game are assigned to certain keys automatically; you can customize them using the keymapping feature.

Pokemon Emulator Wrap up

These were some of the best android emulators that are meant to play android games on PC. There are plenty of other Best Pokemon emulators available. However, most of them are supposed to use for developing and testing apps. The android emulators, as mentioned above, are game-oriented, ideal for running any android game. Let us know which one of them you like the most.

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